Exhibition center: Expocentr

Organizer: ITE LLC Moscow
Date : 23-26 June 2015
 Russia, Moscow
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MIOGE is Russia's largest oil & gas exhibition . Since its launch in 1993, it has established itself as a leading event for the Russian energy market. It is also one of the top ten oil & gas shows in the world.


  • Exploration & production
  • Onshore & offshore technology
  • Oilfield equipment & services
  • Drilling & well servicing
  • Transportation & pipelines
  • Measurement & automation technology
  • Tools & electro-power equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Software
  • Recruiting and training and many others



**** Hotel БРАЙТОН
Moscow, Петровско-Разумовский проезд дом № 29 (ст.метро "Динамо")

***** Hotel Золотое Кольцо
Moscow, ул. Смоленская, д.5 (проезд до ст.метро "Смоленская", "Киевская").

*** Hotel Акварель
Moscow, Москва, Столешников переулок 12, строение 3. метро

***** Hotel Ренессанс
Moscow, 129110, Москва, Олимпийский проспект, 18/1

*** Hotel Альфа
Moscow, Измайловское шоссе, д. 81

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