Exhibition Mir Detstva 22 - 25 September 2018 Russia, Moscow

Mir Detstva

Exhibition center: Expocentr

Date:22-25 September 2018
 Russia, Moscow
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Statistics 2012 year

Number of exhibitors:526
Domestic exhibitors:452
Foreign exhibitors:74
Total area:13830 m2
Domestic visitors:16200
Foreign visitors:670
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"World of Childhood" - is:

  • The largest exhibition in Russia, the fastest growing and covering the entire spectrum of goods and services for children and adolescents
  • active participation in national projects
  • More than 18 thousand square meters. th first-class exhibition space in central Moscow, a two minute walk from the new metro station "Business Center"
  • infrastructure Expocentre
  • professional approach to the exhibition: more than 90% of exhibitors in 2006 recognized the organization of the exhibition good or very good
  • convenient dates for
  • high degree of satisfaction of exhibitors: over 80% of exhibitors are satisfied with the results of business activities on the basis of the exhibition 2006
  • Individual buyers program
  • busy agenda
  • demonstration of new products of the season on the podium during the exhibition
  • professional contests "For high consumer characteristics of goods", "For the successful promotion of quality products", etc.
  • Match-Making System - a system of prior appointment meetings buyers and exhibitors
  • According to 80% of exhibitors is the best way to solve the marketing problems of the coming year
  • certification provided by the product during the exhibition, assistance in matters of logistics and customs clearance
  • a meeting place for manufacturers, suppliers, owners of distribution networks, directors and commodity shops, government and executive authorities, experts in the field of quality and certification, designers, developers, and inventors of new educational games and toys, heads of educational and health institutions, educators, pediatricians, pediatric and family psychologists and others
**** Hotel БРАЙТОН
Moscow, Петровско-Разумовский проезд дом № 29 (ст.метро "Динамо")

***** Hotel Золотое Кольцо
Moscow, ул. Смоленская, д.5 (проезд до ст.метро "Смоленская", "Киевская").

*** Hotel Акварель
Moscow, Москва, Столешников переулок 12, строение 3. метро

***** Hotel Ренессанс
Moscow, 129110, Москва, Олимпийский проспект, 18/1

*** Hotel Альфа
Moscow, Измайловское шоссе, д. 81

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