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ProLeShow Moscow 2018
ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
29-31 五月 2018

International Leather and Fur exhibition LeShow  “LeShow” takes a leading position among exhibitions of the similar themes in Russia, it has an reputation of event with high commercial impact and every year increases the quantity of exponents and visitors who are specialists in fur and leather sector. The exhibition theme is of interest for a huge audience as there is presented almost the whole segment of leather and fur goods which are in demand. Leather garments; - Fur garments; Sheepcoats; - Textile clothes...

AgroFarm. Russia
ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
19-21 一月 2018

ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
19-22 一月 2018

50th International specialized exhibition for footwear, bags and accessories Mosshoes is held on January 10 - 13, 2012 in Crocus Expo, Pavilion №3, hall 14. Metro station Myakinino.

Domestic Construction Materials
ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
24-27 一月 2018

ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
27-29 一月 2018

ru 俄罗斯, St petersburg
01-05 二月 2018

ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
03-06 二月 2018

Beauty Technologies
ru 俄罗斯, Ekaterinburg
03-05 二月 2018

Souvenirs. Presents. Decorations
ru 俄罗斯, St petersburg
05-09 二月 2018

Works of art from natural materials: wood, metal, stone, bone, skin Art pottery, porcelain, glass Handmade art lace, sewing, knitting, embroidery Patterned woven fabrics, carpets Decorative painting on wood, silk, metal and lacquer miniature Works of visual art: painting, sculpture (small form), graphics Jewelry Business gifts, exclusive gifts Clothing, headgear, accessories in artistic style Fashion jewelry and ornaments Christmas and New Year gifts Gifts range of child Interior decorations, floral Specialized publications on art

ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
07-10 二月 2018

ZOW Moscow
ru 俄罗斯, Moscow
07-09 二月 2018

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